Friday 11 September 2009

Tijuana, Mexico

The border crossing at Tijuana is the busiest in the world, which is why I thought I'd be clever and cross further inland at Tecate. The plan worked well - no queues, I didn't even have to show my passport. Unfortunately though the Mexicans couldn't do the paperwork for my bike at Tecate so they let me into the country but told me to go to the customs post at Tijuana to sort the bike out. As you approach the border at Tijuana you're funnelled straight through to the American border post. I explained my predicament to the border guard and asked if he could let me through and watch me immeadiately do a u-turn through a barrier to the Mexican side. He told me that by doing that I would be on American soil and so would have to go through the immigration process all over again. The situation was more than he could cope with so he sent me to see one of his superiors in the main building. Fortunately after about 10 minutes the second border guard had an attack of common sense and agreed to let me straight back in to Mexico. He escorted me to the barrier, called me a 'crazy Brit' and waved me off as I entered Mexico for the second time in three hours.