Friday 5 February 2010

Frey Bentos, Uruguay

From Buenos Aires the closest border crossing into Uruguay is at the town of Frey Bentos. Before I left Buenos Aires this morning I was warned that due to a dispute between Argentina and Uruguay the local Argentinians had set up a roadblock to stop traffic getting to the border. When I stopped to ask for directions in a town about 30km before the border I was again told that I couldn't get through and that the road had been closed since 2006. As the alternative border crossing was about 100km away I decided to try my luck and head for the border anyway.
20km further on and there was the roadblock. I rode up to it and the guy manning the barrier told me I'd have to turn around. I told him I thought it was a pretty poor show and was just about to turn the bike around when he had a change of heart and let me through.
Fortunately, despite a complete lack of traffic, the border post is still manned and so I had what must be the quickest border crossing to date - out of Argentina and into Uruguay in 10 minutes.